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From the Chair

Proper Steps to Dental Implant Maintenance

Implants are a smart, cost-effective investment. These artificial tooth roots last longer than any other type of therapy used in modern dentistry. However, there are still a few maintenance tips that you need to keep in mind to get the read more>>

Dental Implants: How Long Do They Last?

Getting dental implants in Nashville is one of the smartest investments that you could make for your smile. Here’s why: implants can last for the rest of your life. Each biocompatible “tooth root” fuses directly with your jaw. At that read more>>

Rediscover Your Smile With Invisalign

The new year has come and long gone, and summer break is nearly upon us. Resolutions that started off strong, may have been left behind – but it’s not too late! You can still do something to improve your appearance, read more>>

But Doc, My Tooth Doesn’t Hurt!

We see emergency patients in our Green Hills and Antioch offices on a daily basis. Some of you can identify with this type of dental pain and how incapacitating it can be; intense, throbbing, radiating toothaches that keep you awake read more>>

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