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Implant Overdentures


Implant Overdenture Montee & Montee Dental Co

For patients who no longer wear conventional dentures because they don’t fit correctly or they constantly slip around in your mouth, have you considered implant dentures. Implant Overdentures will hold your conventional dentures in place and will give you back the confidence to go about your daily life.

Benefits of stable dentures:

  • Implant overdentures will allow for proper chewing, a more balanced diet and overall improved health
  • Improved speech function and a boost in your confidence throughout the day
  • Increased comfort, less irritation of gum tissue and decreased sensitivity
  • Never worry about the cost or inconvenience of denture adhesives again
  • The procedure to convert your dentures to implant dentures is minimally invasive

Dr. Montee will install titanium screws (implants) into your jawbone and given the proper amount of time to heal. Once the implant sites have healed, your denture, or a newly created denture, is modified in the office to snap into your new implant. Your denture will be secure and can be easily removed with a simple “snap.”

Prior to the procedure, our dental staff will take a 3D scan and create a model of your existing teeth to determine the optimal position for your implant.

Your implants will be placed into the bone in a relatively pain-free procedure. Your bone and gums will be given time to heal before your denture is ready to be snapped on. Your current denture will be modified to fit over your new dental implants. While healing, you will be able to use your denture as you are today.

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