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Green Hills, TN Dental Savings Plan:

Montee & Montee Dental Company provides excellent dental care to the Nashville community. With the rising cost of dental insurance, it has become unaffordable for many Nashville, TN residents. Drs. Stan and Carol Montee have created the Green Hills Dental Savings Plan for the Nashville community to offer an affordable dental healthcare option to those who can’t afford dental insurance.  

By signing you and your family up for the dental savings plan, you will receive the following benefits:

No waiting periods- Start your treatment today!

No claims forms

No yearly maximums

No deductibles

No “major work” waiting periods

No “pre-authorizations” required

No “Missing Tooth Clause Restrictions or Exclusions”

Green Hills Dental Savings Plan- Coverage


New Patient Exam 100%
Annual Periodic exam 100%
annual set of bitewing x-rays 100%
2 cleanings per year (non-periodontal) 100%
Oral cancer screenings 100%
Panoramic x-ray (every 5 years) 100%
Fillings 20%
Oral Surgery 20%
Root canals 20%
Periodontal Cleanings 20%
Crowns (excluding veneers) 15%
Dentures and Partials 15%
Whitening Trays $125 per arch
Invisalign Express (less than 6 months) $250 off
Invisalign Full $500 off
Limited orthodontic procedures 15%


Membership Premiums– Green Hills Dental Savings Plan:

Single – 300.00$

Dual (Parent/child or spouse) – 575.00$

Family (3)* –  750.00$

Family (4)* –  950.00$

Each additional family member – 150.00$



Our fine print– 

Family plans are reserved for families with children up to the age of 23, if enrolled as a full time student. Non-full-time students can participate in the family plan until age 18.

Each additional family member (5+) 250.00$

Each family member can enroll at different times of the year, though the end of the Coverage Year shall remain the same for all members, namely based on the Expiration Date of the first family member to enroll. To maximize coverage, all family members should enroll during the same month.To receive benefit coverage, the patient must remain enrolled in the Green Hills Dental Savings Plan throughout the course of treatment.

The dental exam(s), cleanings and bitewing x-rays must occur within the year of enrollment and cannot be carried over to the next year.

Our program is not transferrable to another party or uncovered family member.

Our fees are subject to change each year

Portability – You are not tied to any one employer. This is your plan and it follows you regardless of who you or your spouse work for during the year.


Exclusions and Limitations: 

We offer the Green Hills Dental Savings Plan as way to make great dental care more accessible. This plan is a discount membership plan and not a standard dental insurance plan. It cannot be used:

With another dental plan

For a dental procedure or treatment dealing with injury covered under workman’s compensation

For treatment that lies outside of the doctors expertise

For treatment from a referred specialist

For treatment with another dentist


Program Guidelines:

Premiums are non refundable (even if the participant does not utilize the plan during an enrollment period

A 50$ re-instatement fee will be charged in the event there is a lapse in enrollment

Payment is due at time of service

Any service not paid at the time of service will be billed at usual & customary fees.

Must remain a member for entire time patient is in orthodontic treatment

All your membership information will be kept in your electronic record. Your effective date is the day you sign up and your renewal date is the same date every year.